Monday, July 31, 2017

Victoria's Suescum's Happy Trees in the Jungle

"Joyful Jungle

August 9 - 31, 2017

AnArte Gallery

in The Collection 7959 Broadway #404 San Antonio, TX 78209
(210) 826-5674
Opening on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Tuesday - Friday 11-6
Saturday 12-5**

Victoria's artist statement and news about other shows in which her beautiful pieces are featured:

The upcoming exhibit titled “Joyful Jungle” work will feature “Happy Trees” blooming with recycled plastics which have been cut, melted, punctured, spray painted and flocked to provide them with a rich surface treatment. Bright colors and sensual surfaces draw one’s attention, and the jewel like quality of each blossom invites closer inspection. The paint drips and swirls in an amalgam of delicious colors, velvety flocking contrasts with smooth plastic, heat makes tendrils of plastic curl.
The Happy Trees are celebrated in 4x3 foot oil on canvas paintings which are also brightly colored. The paint is creamy. The trees stand against Jungle backgrounds in raspberry, turquoise, orange and lemony green.
In Joyful Jungle I remain true to my interest in mixing low/ high art, non-traditional art materials and found plastics. Work in Joyful Jungle builds upon earlier pieces such as can be viewed at the Centro de Artes in an exhibit curated by Kathy Vargas titled “A Woman’s Place…” which features a gigantic 9x24 foot work on paper with a surface which contrasts monochrome pigments in surprising combinations of light and shadow, opacity and gloss. Four pieces from my study of street signage (again, low art) are included in a second exhibit at the Centro de Artes curated by Diana Molina titled “Icons & Symbols of the Borderlands." Here works on paper set images found on neighborhood store fronts in a fine art context. The subjects incude raspberry raspas, aguas frescas and paletas.
"A Woman's Place" is open till August 20, 2017
"Icons & Symbols of the Borderlands" is open till December 17.2017
Centro de Artes at Market Square, San Antonio, TX
Tuesday-Sunday 11-6
A retrospective of my work is on exhibit at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center until August 2.
My work is also on view at the McNay Museum of Art("To See is to Have") and at the Weston Centre ("LoneStar presents...") in San Antonio, TX

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